What’s on your holiday wish-list this year? How about a full night’s sleep?! Living with your obstructive sleep apnea does not have to be impossible, and if you follow Dr. Hansen’s tips for sleep apnea maintenance this holiday season, you’ll get the most out of your holiday this year.

Alcohol can worsen sleep apnea symptoms, and might cause a restless night’s sleep when consumed within four hours of bedtime. Try and give yourself a “detox” window before hitting the hay, to maximize your night’s rest and wellness.

You overall health and wellness also affect your sleep apnea conditions’ while you’re having fun and celebrating the holiday season, remember to care for your body just as well as you would the rest of the year! Spend time exercising with friends and family, and remember to eat your veggies in between eggnog cocktails and candy canes!

CPAP machines for sleep apnea only work when you wear them! With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can seem obstructive to remember your nightly wellness routines; remember, living with sleep apnea means being responsible for your treatment plans, and the extra time you take to be proactive about your wellness is that much more time your body will have to rest and recover with a full-night’s sleep!

If you feel as though the mask of your equipment is uncomfortable at night, or you find yourself having a sore face the next day, consider mask liners for your machine that will help alleviate pressure points or unsightly lines the next day. Additionally, the liners can help create a tighter seal so that you are getting the most from your nightly treatment.

If you have questions about living with your sleep apnea this holiday season, or to schedule your next appointment with Palo Alto dentist Dr. Hansen, call 650-326-3290 today!