Spring has sprung and this time of year can bring some additional factors that can make getting a restful night’s sleep even more of a challenge if you have sleep apnea. The good news is Palo Alto sleep apnea specialist Dr. Hansen wants to help you make the most of bedtime.

Spending more time indoors during those last winter months means your home may have extra dust and particles that could cause your sleep apnea to intensify. Spring also brings blossoming vegetation and an abundance of pollens and other allergens. Dusting, vacuuming, and washing your sheets regularly can help combat these irritants. Making an extra effort to keep your space clean can mean getting more restful sleep at night.

Many people suffer from the springtime sniffles due to seasonal allergies. If you are one of them it is essential to treat your allergies when they start acting up. Putting more stress on your respiratory system, or sinuses will make managing your sleep apnea even harder. Ask Palo Alto sleep apnea specialist Dr. Hansen some good ways to help treat allergies along with your prescribed sleep apnea treatment.

Don’t forget to take time to wind-down before trying to fall asleep, and limit your screen time to outside of your bed. The light from a device can delay your body’s natural production of melatonin, a hormone that controls your body’s natural sleep and wake cycles. And of course make sure your sleeping arrangement is comfortable!

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