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Maybe you’ve heard that obstructive sleep apnea can become intrusive on your sleeping patterns and daily life, but recent studies show that sleep apnea can also infect your life where you’d least expect it… your wallet!


Studies show that sleep apnea can quickly become a prominent interruption to everyday life, but many don’t consider that the same sleep apnea can also cause a loss of productivity at work, increased workplace and motor vehicle accidents, and mild to chronic illnesses- all of which are expensive to diagnose and treat! Those who report cases of chronic, obstructive, and long-term undiagnosed sleep apnea can also show higher rates of depression, heart disease, or hypertension as compared to those who have sleep apnea maintenance regimens. The burden of undiagnosed sleep apnea weighs on millions of Americans every day, and might be creeping into your personal and professional life in small or significant ways you may have never considered.


Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jurash want to help you avoid any interruption sleep apnea could cause on your daily life. By visiting the Palo Alto Dental Practice of Dr. Christine Hansen and Dr. Roberta Jurash, you can learn how to treat or manage your sleep apnea before it becomes something that could break your bank! Getting an early treatment plan for your obstructive sleep apnea means more productivity at work, safer environments for you and your loved ones, and can greatly reduce your health care bills down the road.


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