Summer is one of the best times of the year, with longer days and warmer weather, but the extended hours of sunlight and festivities all day and night can really do a number on your sleep schedule. Palo Alto sleep apnea specialist, Dr. Hansen wants to remind you how important it is to be aware of your quality of sleep during the summer, especially in the following ways:

Perhaps the most obvious of the effects the summer season can have on your sleep schedule, is that you’re sleeping less. With the sun staying out later, your body’s production of melatonin is delayed, making it more difficult to fall asleep at your normal time. Don’t forget to take time to wind-down before trying to fall asleep, and limit your screen time to outside of your bed, as the light from your device can also postpone your brain’s production of melatonin.

Summer also means spending more time outdoors, or with your windows open, exposing yourself and your home to abundance of pollens and other allergens. Dusting, vacuuming, and washing your sheets regularly can help combat these irritants. Making an extra effort to keep your space clean can mean getting more restful sleep at night.

For optimal comfort, Palo Alto sleep apnea specialist, Dr. Hansen suggests looking into investing in a new pillow or blackout curtains to ensure you are sleeping in a comfortable, cool, dark room at night. A small investment in your health can go a long way, if it means you can start everyday more well rested.

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