New Year, New Sleep Habits

Sleep Apnea Palo Alto


Make this year your best year yet with sleep apnea solutions from Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jurash! If you’ve been living life in a low-energy fog, falling asleep throughout your day, having trouble concentrating, are waking up intermittently throughout your night, possibly due to a coughing or choking sensation, then you may be one of the millions of people living life with undiagnosed sleep apnea, and consequently suffering from all its lurking syndromes.



Palo Alto sleep apnea specialists Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jurash are experts at diagnosing sleep apnea. Some characteristics they might evaluate while diagnosing your individual situation, may include some or all of the following :

Gender, age, thick tongue or tonsils, weight in relation to obesity, a receding chin or narrow jaw, preexisting conditions like having acid reflux, a deviated septum, or nasal or respiratory issues.


Many cases of sleep apnea can be greatly improved, or even completely alleviated by moderate lifestyle changes. The new year can be the fresh start you need to make a change for the better in your life today! If you find yourself suffering from sleep apnea symptoms, consider these small changes you can make to your daily life to get ahead of your sleep apnea and get to sleep more quickly and calmly this evening!


Weight loss can ease even some of the most severe cases of sleep apnea, and as losing weight is one of the Nation top New Year’s resolution, odds are you won’t have to work at your physical fitness alone! Grab a buddy and it the gym, the park, or even the neighborhood sidewalk for a brisk evening stroll after dinner!


Another common New Year’s resolution often braved by many is to stop smoking, which is another great way to relieve sleep apnea symptoms at their root cause. Those who don’t smoke are more likely to have improved circulation throughout their body, as well as a more clear respiratory system – all important when battling sleep apnea!  


A healthier lifestyle is a healthier lifestyle – period. By making small steps towards bettering yourself this New Year, you’ll be making giant steps towards combating sleep apnea without any serious medical intervention. Remember to keep your head up and your confidence high as you embark on a journey towards wellness today and every day!


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