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Teeth Colored Fillings Palo Alto

In order to make a filling appear almost invisible to the naked eye composite fillings are often used. These fillings are designed to match your natural tooth color and are bonded to your teeth, which makes them less likely to fall out. These fillings are used to replace older fillings made of silver or gold.

Tooth colored fillings have a more aesthetic appearance, can be completed in one visit, have no chance of forming a “leak” and are less likely to crack a tooth.
Tooth colored fillings, known as white fillings , are dental fillings that repair and replicate the normal outward appearance of tooth structure . As well as repairing teeth which have fractured or even decayed , tooth colored fillings is commonly used cosmetically to modify the size , color and structure of teeth . This premium quality is exceptionally beneficial in closing spaces between teeth; restoring chipped teeth and rendering teeth appear to be more straight or even.

Tooth Colored Fillings Palo Alto

What are the benefits of using tooth colored fillings (white fillings)?

  1. They very closely match original tooth color and look.

  2. They bond to tooth composition chemically which therefore do not require the setting of slots , grooves and pins in healthy tooth shape to mechanically preserve them.

  3. The bonding of white fillings to the tooth maintain 85% – 95% of the original sturdiness of the tooth.

  4. They permanently harden in just a few seconds as opposed to days necessary by various other materials.
    Tooth sensitivity , if any , as a result of composite resin use is very low and short.

  5. They can be used on front or back teeth without compromising esthetics.
    In the event they are broken they can be repaired.

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