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Kor Night White Teeth Whitening Palo Alto

You want a white smile that dazzles, but all you see in the mirror is a row of yellow, stained teeth.
It’s easy to reach for a whitening kit at the drugstore but think twice before you spend your money. Most conventional whitening systems are unpredictable, frustrating, and even painful.
The KoR Whitening system offers a unique and innovative solution that stands apart from the rest. This continuously refrigerated, high-potency gel is combined with a scientifically designed application system to deliver incredible results.
After all, you only get one smile!
What is the KoR Whitening System?

There’s normal whitening systems, and then there’s KoR Whitening.

If you’ve ever purchased whitening strips or gels from a drug store, you know that these products promise dramatic results and ease-of-use, but in reality only deliver a complicated application process with unpredictable results. KoR Whitening sets itself apart from standard whitening systems by targeting stains with full, uncompromised potency.

Your smile looks discolored because stain molecules have become trapped within the microstructures of your teeth. As they become larger and absorb more chromophores, the stains become darker and harder to remove.

Normal peroxide formulas whiten your teeth by lightening the color of these stains with “bleaching factors”. However, since the formulas used in most conventional whitening products aren’t fully potent, they can’t efficiently diffuse through the entire microstructures of your teeth to target the worst stains.



Kor Night Teeth Whitening Palo Alto

According to research from Clinical Research Associates (CRA), standard whitening gels applied in trays only stay active for 25-35 minutes before becoming too diluted by saliva. You can’t achieve optimal whitening results in just half an hour!

That’s how KoR makes such a difference. KoR gels are continuously refrigerated from the moment they’re formulated until the second they’re applied to your teeth. Continuous refrigeration ensures that Kor gels are never compromised or degraded by heat or bacteria.

Even better, the high potency formulas are never diluted or weakened by saliva. They’re applied in KoR-Seal trays specifically designed to seal out saliva and sulcular fluid. This creates 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity compared to just 25-35 minutes with other systems!

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