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Dental Emergency?!

No one ever plans on having a dental emergency, especially while on vacation! Whether you are traveling for fun or for work  it’s important to know what you can do if one pops up on your itinerary. Palo Alto dentists Dr. Jurash and Dr. Hansen have some tips that can ensure you are prepared for  common dental accidents.

Most importantly, visit Palo Alto dentists Dr. Jurash and Dr. Hansen before your trip! Coordinating one of your bi-annual dental visits with your travel plans will allow for you to voice any concerns you might have, and Dr. Jurash or Dr. Hansen can look for any signs of issues that could interrupt your plans. Not getting a check-up before your trip can allow problems to go undiagnosed and lead to bigger, more complicated dental emergency that could ruin travel plans.

Planning your next adventure? Call Palo Alto dentists Dr. Jurash or Dr. Hansen at 650-326-3290 to schedule a check-up today!